Experience the buzz at Bow Wine Vaults bar.

The warm, friendly atmosphere tempts you to enjoy a drink with friends, experience our famous “Bow Platter” at the bar, or perhaps a lighter meal of pasta or steak in the relaxed brassiere.

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Reservations Call us on 020 7248 1121 to book your table or you can use our form to arrange your booking.

The Bar

The Bar has a terrific neighbourhood feel and is now featured in most International guide books as a welcoming place for people of all ages who want a relaxed drink without feeling hassled or being deafened by music.

You can stand at the bar and chat to the locals or be served in the Brassiere with seating for 25. Philip Lawless (the owner) is often around mixing with the customers - a rarity indeed in these days of restaurant chains. A popular "haunt", the bar provides the perfect place to end the day chatting with friends or the locals.



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